Who says Pakistanis & Indians can’t work together – Oman resembles a mini sub-continent team

India and Pakistan have been at loggerheads for ages. The political tension and the rise in terror attacks have impacted cricket as well. It’s been years since India and Pakistan played bilateral series and there is no hope of any sort of action in the near future as well. However, players from both countries get along well.

Oman, who is playing in the qualifying round of the T20 World Cup, have players from India and Pakistan. Most of them were born in the two Asian countries. The team which took on Bangladesh in one of the matches looked like a mini team from the sub-continent nations. Famous sports journalist from Pakistan, Saj Sadiq, took to Twitter to update about the birthplaces of the players.

“Who says Pakistanis & Indians can’t work together. Birthplaces of today’s Oman team.”

Meanwhile, the host nation of the qualifying round lost to Bangladesh in their second match of the campaign.