We were locked for 10 weeks in rooms and had slow Wi-Fi – Broad recalls tour of India

Cricket has changed completely ever since the COVID-19 virus has hit the world. While many series were cancelled or postponed, some series were played under strict rules and regulations. Meanwhile, the fifth Test between England and India was called off due to COVID-19 cases in the visitors’ camp.

Team India came on the radar of former England cricketers, who slammed the Virat Kohli-led squad for not playing the last Test of the series. However, veteran England pacer Stuart Broad has a different view. He recalled the time when England visited India this year in February.

“I am certainly not going to preach that what they did was wrong because I remember how I felt for the last Test match in Ahmedabad, having been locked away for 10 weeks in hotel rooms. We’d not seen other human beings, been kept away from our families, had slow wi-fi, and couldn’t even stream Netflix,” Broad wrote in his column for Daily Mail.

“By the end of it we were worn down and the thought of then potentially catching the virus during those final few days of the tour — and having to spend another fortnight locked away — made me feel quite unstable,” he added.

He also reacted to Michael Vaughan’s critical comments on India’s decision. “I know Michael Vaughan was quite vociferous, saying India’s decision was all about the IPL riches — and I am not saying it didn’t play its part — but I can understand them panicking so close to their flights out.”