Watch- Nabi slams journalist for asking question on Afghanistan-Pakistan diplomatic ties

After the five-wicket defeat against Pakistan, Mohammad Nabi slammed a journalist for seeking his opinion on the diplomatic ties of both countries. The journalist also asked if there was pressure on players with the change of government in Pakistan. He also asked about the new era of his country and the relationship with Pakistan being better than in the past.

The questions were not liked by the skipper. However, Nabi gave a spot-on reply despite the journalist’s attempt to create controversy.

Here is Nabi’s response that is being wowed by fans:

Earlier, amid unbearable tension and a cacophony of noise, Afghanistan’s players were in sight of the biggest win in their country’s cricketing history.

With four aggressive strikes, Asif Ali took it away from them.

Pakistan’s power hitter smashed four sixes in the next-to-last over of a thrilling match at Dubai International Stadium to seal a five-wicket win over its plucky neighbour on Friday.

“The boundary was small from this end so I told my partner I’d go for it,” Asif said. “Thank God we pulled it off.”

Set 148 to win, Pakistan appeared to be timing its chase to perfection, only to lose key batters Babar Azam (51) and Shoaib Malik (19) in the space of six balls and find itself needing 24 runs with two overs remaining.

They all came in one blazing six-ball spell that evoked memories of Carlos Braithwaite’s four straight sixes to seal the West Indies’ win over England in 2016 final.