Want to qualify for semi-finals and make our country proud – Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan wants to see Afghanistan in the semi-finals of the ICC T20 World Cup. Afghanistan won their first match of the Super 12 stage against Scotland and will next face Pakistan.

“What is in our hands is to play the five games of this group stage and try to qualify to the semi-finals and make the country proud,” Rashid said.

“…what’s going to happen in the future, that will come with time,” added the 23-year-old, one of franchise cricket’s most sought-after players.

“If we have so many things on our mind, that might affect our performance, and the fans will be upset when you don’t perform as a team.”

The ICC will meet next month to decide the future of cricket in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime.

“To be honest, at the moment, we don’t have anything in mind,” he said.

“We have only this thing in the mind that we’re here for the World Cup and we’re playing five games and we need to win three games.

“No, we don’t think about what’s happening in the future. We don’t think about what happened in the past. That is something which is not in our hands, that is not in our control…”