Taliban warns Afghanistan players, wants everyone to keep emotions in control during national anthem

Afghanistan skipper Mohammad Nabi was seen crying during the national anthem in the match against Scotland. His emotions have not gone down well with the officials of the Taliban, who are currently ruling the country. The players have been warned and the government has asked the players to keep their emotions under control. After the Taliban came back to power, they have changed the flag and the national anthem is also banned in the country.

According to News9, the players met on Wednesday evening and decided to follow the orders and focus on the game. When asked about playing in the World Cup, Rashid Khan said that the players are trying their best to keep the fans happy.

“Things are getting better now. Everything is becoming normal at home too. We can hope that everything goes well in the future also. We have come here as a team to play cricket and want to perform in a way that is celebrated there. This is something that is in our hands as players. We will try to do the same throughout the tournament.

“We will perform in a way that they can enjoy and celebrate. That’s our plan as a team and hope everything goes well,” he said.