Scotland spinner warns Virat Kohli ahead of Super 12 stage

Scotland have qualified for the Super 12s after three consecutive wins over Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea and Oman. Scotland are a part of Group 2, which features India, Pakistan, New Zealand and Afghanistan. Left-arm spinner Mark Watt has issued a warning to Virat Kohli , saying that he has prepared a plan for the Indian captain.

Even though Watt took just three wickets in the Qualifiers, he is targeting Virat Kohli. “I’ve got quite a few plans for Virat. I’m going to keep them hush-hush at the moment, but I think he should be worried. That’s why you play the game: to play against the big stars. You want to challenge yourself against the best and they certainly are the best in the world. All the guys are just absolutely buzzing to showcase their skills against the whole world,” Watt was quoted as saying by Mirror Sport.

Scotland defeated Bangladesh by six wickets and went on to thump PNG and Oman by 17 runs and eight wickets respectively. “I think we’re going to make a few upsets. I don’t see why not. We’ve done it before – we’ve beaten the best ODI team in the world, we’ve beaten Bangladesh here and I think teams won’t take us lightly. They should be worried about Scotland, we’re in a great run of form and we’ve got a lot of momentum going forward. I don’t think we need to do anything else different; we’ve won three out of three,” he added.