‘Sanju Samson will never play for India

Sanju Samson is talented and has shown consistency in the last few series, but he is out of the Indian team on most occasions.

When he is a part of the Men in Blue, Rishabh Pant gets preference over him, and when he plays, the management leaves him out after one game.

Former players, journalists and fans are surprised how one of the most talented cricketers of the current generation is not getting regular chances.

Vijay Lokapally, one of India’s most prominent sports voices, took to social media to put up a question on Samson.

“Question for the day! When will Sanju Samson get to play??? And get to play with the benevolence reserved for KL Rahul. When? When? When?”

One of the fans wrote that Samson would never play for India.

“Never . High probability that sanju won’t play World Cup either. Moment KL was made to keep wickets it was an indication. Also what about shikhar? I mean why shikhar?sanju and Rohit can open.”

He got mixed responses.

Samson was given just one match in New Zealand, with the management deciding to go ahead with Pant. He was not even considered for a three-match ODI series in Bangladesh.