Rizwan presented me with Quran in English, I will never forget that moment – Matthew Hayden

Former Australia cricketer Matthew Hayden is working as the batting consultant of the Pakistan team in the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup in the UAE. He is enjoying his time with the Men in Green as the players have batted exceptionally well. Hayden is impressed with the culture of the Pakistan team.

In a recent interaction, Hayden cherished the moment when Mohammad Rizwan presented him with Quran in English. According to Hayden, he will never forget the moment and the duo also talks about Islam. Hayden is reading Holy Quran on a daily basis.

“It was Rizzy (Mohammad Rizwan) and I have to say it was a beautiful moment I will never forget. I am curious about Islam even though I am a Christian. One follows Christ and the other Muhammad and in a sense never shall meet but he presented me with an English version of the Quran.

“We sat on the floor for half an hour and talked through it. I am reading a bit of it each day. Rizzy is one of my favourite individuals, a champion human being,” Hayden said while speaking to News Corp Australia.

Hayden also praised the Pakistan cricketers for their humbleness.

“I was taken aback by how neutral and humble these guys are. How everything is just meant to be. It has been great fun. They are really coachable athletes as well. It stems from a deep sense of spirituality. As a westerner, you don’t realize the implications of having that commitment and faith.

“Even their salat – their five different prayer sessions a day. You can be outside a lift or even in a lift and if it is time for salat that is what happens. These guys connect at a higher level. It’s not like ”how ya going today mate?” Hayden added.