Pressure is on England and not India – Ravi Shastri

England won the third Test match against India, but Ravi Shastri, the head coach of the visitors, thinks that the Joe Root-led team will be under pressure while going into the fourth match of the series.

Speaking to Times Now Navbharat, Shastri said: “It’s very easy, you just go back to Lord’s. Just think Lord’s, forget the last one. As simple as that. I know it’s easier said than done but we should remember your good moments as well. Such things happen in the game.”

After winning the second Test at Lord’s, India were humiliated in the third one. Shastri praised the England bowlers for their display.

“England was in the driver’s seat and we snatched victory. In the last Test match, they bowled brilliantly. They caught us on the hop on the very first day of the Test match, they put us on the back foot,” Shastri stated.

“Even though we showed glimpses of a fight in the second innings, I think that first, you know, early dismissal of our players and getting all out for 78 played its part. But this series is wide open.”

Shastri warned the critics of the Indian team, who blasted the players after their failure in the third Test.

“If anyone thinks that this Indian team is going to back off, they have another thing coming because, at 1-1, we are playing overseas, the pressure is on England. They have to win in their own country. We have done what we had to do with them in India. So, the ball is in their court and we will fight, there’s no question about it,” Shastri asserted.