MS Dhoni is the most valuable player in the history of IPL – Matthew Hayden

Matthew Hayden said that MS Dhoni is still the most valuable player in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Hayden said that while the CSK skipper is struggling to score runs, he is valuable as a skipper.

“Most valuable player, even though he hasn’t had the best of tournaments so far, is still MS Dhoni. As a leader of the side, he is absolutely rising to the challenge. He is older obviously but he has got the reigns and he is cracking them hard and his side is responding,” Hayden said on Star Sports.

CSK struggled in 2020 but have turned it around this season. Hayden further stated that Dhoni is driving the team forward in the ongoing season.

“Guys like DJ Bravo, for example, that are making their impact on this tournament albeit in a way that’s small but each component of the team is playing in unison,” said Hayden.