Mohammad Amir doesn’t have the aukaat to talk to me – Harbhajan Singh

The verbal war between Harbhajan Singh and former Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir has intensified. Both of them are not ready to back away and are passing nasty remarks against each other. It was Amir, who poked Bhjji and this is when the Indian spinner hit back.

Speaking in a video on his YouTube channel on Wednesday, Singh spoke about the controversy and even slammed the pacer for selling cricket.

The 41-year old even went on to say that Amir doesn’t have the aukaat to talk to him.

“See, if I step more into this mud, I’ll also get dirty so I don’t want to go there. Amir doesn’t have that “aukaat” or he’s not at a level where I should even talk to him. The more I will talk about him, the more I’ll disrespect myself. I don’t want to talk much about him. He’s a disgrace.”

“The black spot he has put on world cricket is unforgettable for everyone. The guy who sold cricket, his country, his self-respect, cheated with everyone and tried to earn money by purposely bowling a no-ball at Lord’s, bickering with him will be perhaps my mistake. You don’t deserve that. I shouldn’t have reacted to your tweet because you are “jaahil” and will remain so.”