India-Pakistan T20 World Cup game should go ahead – Indian badminton legend

Legendary badminton star Prakash Padukone believes the upcoming match between India and Pakistan in the ongoing T20 World Cup should go ahead despite the ongoing tension between the two countries. Recently, terrorists have killed a lot of civilians in Kashmir, which has not gone down well with the common people of India.

The former player is against the mixing of sports with politics. India will play against Pakistan on Sunday (October 24) at the Dubai International Stadium.

“I personally feel sports should not be mixed with politics and it should go ahead, that is my personal opinion, whether it happens or not, I am no authority, I am nobody to comment,” Padukone said according to Cricket Next.

“But if you ask my personal opinion, I think the match should go ahead, they have played in the past, so many times, so this is no different,” he added.