India can’t compete with Pakistan as we have better players – Abdul Razaq

Abdul Razzaq has stated that India doesn’t play against Pakistan in a bilateral series because their players are less talented. He was asked does India has the kind of fast bowlers or all-rounders like Pakistan, or he feels Pakistan is better.

Responding to the query, he stated that India can’t compete with Pakistan and that is the reason they don’t play bilateral matches. He further added that talent in Pakistan is unique and the two nations should play against each other.

“I don’t think India can compete with Pakistan. The kind of talent Pakistan has is entirely different, and I don’t think is a good thing for cricket that India and Pakistan are not having matches. It used to be an exciting prospect and gave players the opportunity to show how much pressure they could handle. So that has gone missing. I feel that had it continued, people would have found out that the kind of talent Pakistan has, India does not,” said Razzaq on a cricket show on ARY News.

The former all-rounder also spoke about the legendary players both countries have produced. He then asserted that there is no comparison of the players.

“India too has a good team, I’m not saying anything otherwise. Even they have good players. But if you look at it potential-wise, we had Imran Khan, they had Kapil Dev. If you are to compare, then Imran Khan was a lot better. Then we had Wasim Akram, they did not have a player of that caliber.

We had Javed Miandad, and they had Gavaskar. There is no comparison. Then we had Inzamam, Yousuf, Younis, Shahid Afridi… they had Dravid, Sehwag. If you look at it overall, Pakistan has always produced good players. All these are big reasons. This is why India doesn’t want to play against us,” Abdul Razzaq added.