I used to get really upset with Sourav Ganguly at times – Ashish Nehra

Former India pacer Ashish Nehra said that Sourav Ganguly knew how to manage a team. In the new episode of CRED’s masterclass series ‘The Long Game,’ Ashish Nehra about Ganguly’s leadership skills.

“The most important thing I would say I learned from Saurav Dada was how to keep cool irrespective of the situation. I was one of those guys who used to get really upset with him at times and would show it too. He will not say anything on the ground that time but later in the evening he will call me and say ‘arre Ashu what are you doing?’ Aaja mere kamre mein,” recalled Nehra.

“Sourav Ganguly truly believed that what happens on the cricket ground should stay in the cricket ground. He really knew how to run a team and was clear what he needed from each player and in that bargain, if some player would be upset or angry with him, no problem. He would not take it to his heart,” added Nehra.

Ashish Nehra contributed to India’s wins across formats but his career was marred by 11 serious injuries. “I am pretty satisfied and happy with the way my career has gone but you always get greedy. What I really wanted was a test cricket ball but because of my injuries, unfortunately, I couldn’t play that much test cricket. In fact, I had to stop playing very early.”

“Success is judged by other people – they will see your career, they will see your wickets, they will see your runs. But satisfaction is your own and that is more important for me,” he added.