Help the Pakistan team to come out of this crisis – Ramiz Raja appeals to fans in Pakistan

Raja, who was elected chairman last Monday, was frustrated by New Zealand’s unilateral decision to pull out after five days in the federal capital and two training sessions at Pindi Cricket Stadium.

He was also annoyed that New Zealand did not share the security threat with the PCB or the Pakistan government. He plans to raise the issue with the International Cricket Council.

Raja is also a renowned cricket commentator, known as the “Voice of Pakistan.” He appealed to Pakistan fans to help the team come out of this crisis.

“Your pain and my pain are the same, it’s a shared pain,” he said. “Whatever happened is not good for Pakistan cricket. … The point is that we have experienced this before but we have to move forward.”

Pakistan is due to play New Zealand in the Twenty20 World Cup on Oct. 26 in the United Arab Emirates, and Raja considered it an opportunity.

“I want to say to my cricket team, vent your frustration and anger by performing well (at the World Cup),” Raja said. “When you become the best team, everybody will want to play against you.

“We should learn from this and move forward, we don’t need to get disappointed.”