Harbhajan Singh and Mohammad Amir involved in ugly spat on social media

Cricketers are making wrong use of social media and Mohammad Amir of Pakistan is the biggest example of this wrong practice. He poked fun at Harbhajan Singh after India’s defeat against Pakistan in ICC T20 World Cup. The India veteran didn’t like his comment and hit back in his style.

However, what followed thereafter was nasty. The cricketers traded verbal blows highlighting each other’s no so pleasing past.

Here’s Amir’s tweet

Bhajji responded back to his mocking.

This didn’t end here as Amir continued to attack Harbhajan.

It was enough for the India spinner, who highlighted Amir’s tainted past in his next tweet.

The former Pakistan fast bowler wrote another nasty comment.

His words were not taken lightly by one of the best spinners and he hit back once again.

Actually, Bhajji and Shoaib have a habit of taking on each other and with India taking on Pakistan, the two-star players were involved in friendly banter on Twitter. This is when Amir got involved and targeted Harbhajan.