Every kid in Pakistan plays Varun Chakravarthy’s type of bowling in street cricket – Salman Butt

Former Pakistan skipper Salman Butt has slammed Varun Chakravarthy for his ordinary bowling in the ICC World Cup match against the Men in Green in Dubai. He stated that there was no mystery about the Indian spinner as he couldn’t trouble Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan.

Salman went on to add that kids in Pakistan play this type of bowling in street cricket. He failed to pick up a single wicket and conceded 33 in 4 overs.

“Varun Chakravarthy may be a mystery bowler but he was no surprise to us. Kids in Pakistan play a lot of tape ball cricket. Every kid in Pakistan plays this kind of bowling in street cricket, where bowlers do the finger tricks with the ball and try different variations,” explained Butt.

He compared Varun with Sri Lanka’s Ajantha Mendis, who was known for his mystery bowling.

“At the start of his career, Sri Lanka’s Ajantha Mendis also troubled a lot of teams with his mystery element. But his record against Pakistan isn’t great. After a while, Sri Lanka stopped playing him against India. We have never found any mystery in mystery bowling because we have grown up playing such kind of bowlers,” commented southpaw Butt.

And finally, Butt opined that Chakravarthy may not play against the Babar Azam-led team.

“I don’t think India will play Chakravarthy against Pakistan again and, if they do, expect the result to be the same. Just by looking at someone like Varun, Pakistan’s batters can figure out whether the ball is going to come in or go out. Whoever, the Indian analyst is, perhaps he wasn’t aware of the fact that the one who introduced mystery spin in world cricket, Mendis, wasn’t successful against Pakistan at all,” he concluded.