Dinesh Karthik defends third umpire, says Virat was out according to the rule book

Virat Kohli’s dismissal in the first innings of the second Test match between India and New Zealand created controversy. Kohli was adjudged LBW by the on-field umpire, and the India skipper took DRS.

The replays were not conclusive, and the third umpire Virender Sharma ruled Kohli out. The India skipper departed for a duck. And now, Dinesh Karthik has spoken on the matter. Karthik said that when he saw the dismissal live, he thought it hit the pad first, but after looking at the replays, he knew it was a close call. Karthik also defended the third umpire and further added that Virat was out according to the rule book.

“I saw it live, and when I saw it first, maybe it was pad-bat-pad. But when they kept showing the replays, it looked very close. According to the rule books, there has to be conclusive evidence to turn the decision over, and I think umpire Virender Sharma did not find conclusive evidence even though the Twitter world and the rest of the social media world are very sure it hit the bat first,” said Karthik in a chat with Cricbuzz.

“To be honest, it is a tough one; you need a zoomer, and you need to know where the ball hits first. And when it hits the bat, you could see the back of the ball hitting the pad as well. So, when there is so much confusion, you go with the decision the umpire has given on the ground. And, umpire Virender Sharma went according to the rule book which is not popular in the social media world, it was a debatable decision,” concluded Karthik.