10 wicket thrashing of India set the tone for Pakistan in ICC T20 World Cup – Matthew Hayden

Pakistan’s batting consultant Matthew Hayden feels the 10-wicket thrashing of India set the tone for the Babar Azam-led team in the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup. It was Pakistan’s maiden win over India in the history of World Cups.

Pakistan won five consecutive matches in the Super 12 stage and are favourites to win their second T20 World Cup.

“The highlight…the first game that we played here at Dubai, where we’re playing tomorrow night, against India, and just how under immense pressure…only comparable to the Ashes series, just how these boys wonderfully handled very calmly and very confidently their approach to playing such a huge match,” Hayden told reporters in the pre-match press conference.

“I think that game really set us up for what has been a really lovely four weeks of solid work, great commitment to training, great purpose in general.

“…also a wonderful heart connect to Islam and how spirituality has played its role within the Pakistan team as a great guide and tool for everyone to come together,” Hayden added.