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The journey that started from the facebook page has now reached its ultimate destination. is the place where all true cricket fans can find real unbiased analysis and insights from cricket around the world. Whether its domestic cricket or international cricket, analysts will be giving there insights and analysis on all the matches, competitions and players. Unlike the biased reviews and opinions on personal basis which are circulating around the world cricket esp. the cricket in Pakistan, pledges to promote positive approach and constructive analysis. The goal is to bring the talent out and provide an opportunity to Pakistan cricket fans to provide their analysis on cricket as well. Its just the start and its going to be much bigger.  

News and Articles

News and Insights on cricket across the globe, domestic and international as well as T20 Leagues.


We will be taking interviews from domestic and national players along with the sports journalists. 


The team comprising of experienced writers and analysts on cricket will be presenting their analysis and reports on cricket around the world.

Social Buzz

All news from twitter, facebook and instagram. Social life and Cricketainment will be part of